• Alan Dunn Alan Dunn


    After working several years as a mechanical engineer, Al decided to take his hobby to the next level and not only build some amazing 4x4 vehicles but make a business out of it as well and work for himself. In 1978 he started with small builds on friend's early Broncos just in his garage but that all changed when he decided to turn it into a full retail shop in 1980 and then Al moved the shop to its current location here in Englewood in 1985. He has been the sole owner of HCP4x4 since the beginning and he prides on having a clean shop and a teamwork environment!

    1st 4WD:1973 Chevy Blazer
    Current 4WD: 2006 LJ on 40" MTRs, 2014 JK Pickup Conversion on 40" MTRs, 2014 JK on 37" BFG ATs
    Favorite Trail: Rusty Nail, Pritchett Canyon, Holy Cross
    Hobbies: Off-Roading, Sport Shooting, and Auto Racing
    Home Town: Harlan, IA

  • Brady Lehr Brady Lehr

    Vice President, COO

    303.761.7379 Ext 111

    Brady grew up in the Denver area and has always been an avid car enthusiast. The knowledge and experience he has gained from working in this industry for the last 15 years, is invaluable to us here at High Country. Brady has an easy going and hard working attitude, and this is why we wanted him to be a service writer. He makes sure from check in, until the job is finished, to keep in communication so you are never left in the dark. This helps High Country strive to have the best customer service! Brady is not a just a gear head and lacrosse player, he is married and a dad of 2 wonderful boys. To go along with his great customer service, Brady also has a BA degree from CU.

    1st 4WD: '90 XJ
    Current 4WD: 1947 CJ2A /> Favorite Trail: The original Carnage Canyon in Boulder
    Hobbies: Snowboarding, Customizing and working on flat fenders, Lacrosse
    Hometown: Denver, CO

  • Kenny Miller Kenny Miller

    General Manager

    303.761.7379 Ext 110

    Kenny came to us with extensive knowledge in the automotive industry. He has over 20 years of experience in the retail management, wholesale distributing, and the manufacturing side of the automotive industry. Kenny brings a fun loving, motivated, and inspired attitude to work each day. It is Kenny's main priority here at High Country to build a great team atmosphere, which will result in a great experience for our customers and employees.

    1st 4WD: '79 FSJ Cherokee at 13 years old
    Current Vehicle:2017 Toyota Tacoma
    Favorite Trail: Candyland
    Hobbies: Anytime he is not working he tries to be out on his bike doing some extreme downhill. He tries to spend as little time in the city as possible. Downhill Mountain Biking, Hiking, and off roading.
    Hometown; Englewood, CO

  • John Wiskamp John Wiskamp

    Sales Manager

    303.761.7379 Ext 101

    John grew up around 4wheeling and heavily modified off road vehicles. That stemmed into his purchase of his 1979 Bronco, which he rebuilt and modified while in high school. John is extremely knowledgeable and is our top salesman here. He has extensive knowledge of 4 wheel drive vehicles and what aftermarket options work best for each particular application. John always takes the time to listen to, and address customers needs. He will make sure you get the parts that work best for you and your build. After high school John adventured to Wisconsin to pursue his undergrad in music, his other passion. He is extremely well versed on several instruments including guitar, keyboards and drums. He even plays with several local bands. John has his own discography that can be found at Sound Cloud / John Wiskamp

    1st 4WD: '79 Full Size Bronco
    Current 4WD: 2018 Ford F-150 /> Favorite Trail: Spring Creek
    Hobbies: Music, Snowboarding, Extreme Down Hill Mountain Biking, 4wheeling
    Hometown: Elizabeth, CO

  • CJ Morgione CJ Morgione


    303.761.7379 Ext.103

    CJ is a huge addition to the team here at High Country! CJ brings the best attitude every day and is dedicated to having the friendliest and most educated customer service in the industry. With almost 11 years in the automotive industry CJ is up on all the current trends in the 4 wheel drive industry, and loves to see happy customer's completed builds roll out the door. CJ is an avid 4 wheeler and loves to wheel on a wide range of difficulty of trails. He loves to be outdoors and extreme downhill mountain biking is his other passion! When he is not racing down the mountain or trying to crawl up it, you can catch CJ playing ice hockey or camping with friends. There is pretty much no adventure he wouldn't take and this is why we enjoy CJ so much. Please feel free to ask for CJ when you call in!

    1st 4WD: 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
    Current Vehicle: 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ on 37's
    Favorite Trail: Moab Rim, UT
    Hobbies: Extreme Downhill Mountain Biking, Skiing, 4Wheeling, Camping, Ice Hockey, Golf
    Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Josh Gormley Josh Gormley



    Josh is new to the team, he has been in the automotive industry for a little over 14 years. Josh is an avid 4wheeler who has extensive knowledge of off-road parts and accessories as he has experience with installing parts not just selling them so you can count on honest opinions when inquiring. Josh started his 4x4 journey with a 2002 Chevy S10 that was lifted and modifying vehicles quickly became a passion for him. He then moved to a 91' Jeep YJ and that became his toy to wheel for a few years. Today, Josh has moved up into a 97' TJ Buggy that he likes to take on hard trails in Moab and Colorado. His Daily driver is a 2009 Jeep JKU on 40's! Josh is definitely a winter sports guy, he grew up as a hockey player and is still playing today on his off-time, and if you don't catch him at the rink he will probably be up on the slopes riding!

    1st 4WD: 2002 Chevy S10
    Current Vehicle: 1997 TJ on 42's, 2009 JKU on 40's
    Favorite Trail: Moab Rim, Cliffhanger, Independence Pass
    Hobbies: Camping, 4X4, Ice Hockey, Snowboarding
    Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

  • Brigham Meyer Brigham Meyer

    Service Manager


    Brigham has worked for HCP4x4 for many years and is experienced not only on the mechanical side but he is good with sales as he has extensive knowledge in Jeep and GM products. Brigham is very detail orientated and his work comes out very clean and precise as he treats every vehicle as if it was his own.
    Brigham enjoys wheeling his beast of a truck it's a 1974 Full Size Blazer that sits on 40" tires in Moab, UT and trails across Colorado.

    1st 4WD: '73 Dodge Power Wagon
    Current Rig: '74 Blazer
    Hobbies: Anything with wheels and a motor
    Hometown: Bethpage, NY

  • Max Parkinson Max Parkinson



    Max is a Colorado Native and has a passion for all things motorized and spending time outdoors

    1st 4WD: 1972 Toyota FJ40
    Current Vehicle:
    Favorite Trail:
    Hobbies: 4Wheeling, Hiking, Biking
    Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Eric Bills "EB" Eric Bills "EB"

    Shop Foreman

    EB's life is 4WD at full throttle! EB has worked at HCP4x4 for 17 years now, and has been the shop foreman for the majority of his career. EB has earned his place here at High Country as he is our most experienced technician who can fabricate anything you could possibly dream of! Not only is EB extremely experienced as a technician but he is probably the nicest guy you have ever met! Why EB is so good at what he does? It's the fact that he portrays to the rest of us here at High's not only important on how the install looks but how easy is it to work on for the next technician.

    EB is a man that enjoys life behind the wheel of a jeep. You can find him and his wife out on the trail almost every weekend, whether it be in Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah or California.

    1st 4WD: Big Wheel
    Current 4WD: 1987 Jeep YJ buggy "Ronnie" and a 1972 CJ5 custom built "Sleeper Jeep"
    Favorite Trail: Anything in Montrose, Colorado
    Hobbies: Back Country Sledding (Snowmobiling), Extreme Mountain Biking, Kayaking
    Hometown: Parker

  • Scott Polk Scott Polk


    Scott has been involved in 4-wheeling since...before dirt(so he puts it)!!!! Scott is a natural born mechanic as he enjoys fixing anything mechanical and has been addicted to 4x4 vehicles from a very young age. Scott is also one our technicians that we have had here for a long time as he is very important to our crew because of his extensive knowledge and hard work. Currently we have Scott working on a custom Jeep build that started with a frame! And now he has turned it into the meanest rock crawling machine (frame extension, V8 swap, transmission swap, customer axles gearing, custom king suspension).

    1st 4WD: 1956 JEEP CJ5
    Current 4WD: 1981 JEEP CJ Buggy
    Favorite Trail: Indy, Patriot
    Hobby: Anything with a motor and wheels!
    Home Town: Sedalia, CO

  • Ryan Wambolt Ryan Wambolt


    Ryan has been with us for a couple years now and has a great working knowledge of the off road industry and even more knowledge of the powersports industry. Ryan came to us from a large powersports shop and is the go to for any side by side work we do. Ryan is always looking for a challenge and loves to take on new projects. Ryan is such an enthusiast, you will probably catch him upgrading and working on his on 4WD vehicles on his days off. Ryan is a great team player and always has a smile and a joke to tell! To give a little background he grew up in Littleton, CO and loves living in this beautiful state of ours. He grew up racing motorcycles, and loves just about anything with a motor.

    1st 4WD: Toyota Tacoma
    Current 4WD: Jeep Wrangler JK
    Favorite Trail: Poison Spyder Mesa, Moab UT and Chinaman Gulch, CO
    Hobbies: Snowboarding, 4wheeling, Motorcycle Riding
    Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Travis Quinn Travis Quinn



    Travis is new to the crew here at High Country. He is ASE Certified and worked for Ferrari for a little over 10 years. He is certified wtih Ferrari and Maserati, and he also spent 3 years with Tesla motors SR Mobile Service as a Technician. Travis is very motivated and is meticulous about keeping his bay clean. If you don't catch Travis in the shop you can count on him spending time outside and enjoying nature. We are so happy to have added Travis to the team!

    1st 4WD: 1964 Chevy Chevelle
    Current 4WD: 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO /> Favorite Trail: The original Carnage Canyon in Boulder
    Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Camping, Woodworking, restoring cars, snowboarding
    Hometown: Canon City, CO

  • Rob Quinlan Rob Quinlan

    Purchasing/ Inventory Control

    303.761.7379 Ext 107

    Rob is our Purchasing Manager and has 10+ years in the Automotive Accessories Industry. He has worked in all areas of distribution and has logged over 1/2 million commercial driving miles delivering parts. Rob is an integral member of the team here at HCP4X4. He is in charge of ordering all the parts for your particular build, and making sure they are here in time for your scheduled date. Rob is also tasked with making sure we have the newest parts here in our showroom! We pride ourselves on having the best quality products in stock for our customers. We know there are a lot of options to choose from , and we only sell products we believe in.

    Rob really LOVES Chicken Tacos!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st 4WD: 1947 Jeep Willys
    Current 4WD: 2017 Toyota Tacoma. ( Silver Fury )
    Favorite Trail: "The one that takes me to the fishing hole"
    Hobbies: Fishing
    Hometown: Commerce City, CO

  • Rob Leonard Rob Leonard

    Inventory Specialist


    Rob is an awesome addition to the High Country team as he came to us with 7 years of experience from Wheel Pros the largest Custom Wheel distributor in the world!! Rob also has over 5 years of experience with Discount Tire and this all comes in handy when we are doing custom painted wheels and beadlocks! We are also happy to have a 8 year vet working for us and it shows as Rob "DOES WORK!!" from the minute he clocks in the to the second he clocks out! Rob takes work serious and knows what it takes to get the job done right. We are so happy to have him part of the team.

    1st 4WD: 1976 Jeep Wagoneer
    Current Vehicle: 1969 Chevy C-10
    Favorite Trail: Oregon Trail
    Hobbies: Hiking, Photography, Mountain Biking
    Hometown: Englewood, CO

  • Phil Graham Phil Graham

    Junior Technician


    Phil Graham is our newest edition to the crew. Phil grew up on the lakes in Wisconsin enjoying the sun while being out on the boat! He came to us with over 10 years of experience in the power sports industry working in parts and as a service adviser. Him and his family all ride motorcycles and have had their own shop to always work on vehicles so he is no stranger to the industry. In the winter when he can't ride the motorcycle he loves to get up to the hills to ride the slopes on his snowboard, and in the Summer you can count on him being outside whether it's hiking, rock climbing, camping, or wheeling the awesome trails we have here in Colorado. Phil will be a good edition to the team as he is a very hard worker and is always good at keeping busy. "Keep close to Nature's Heart...break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean" - John Muir

    1st 4WD: Jeep
    Current Vehicle: 1997 Jeep TJ
    Favorite Trail: Moab Rim, Cliffhanger
    Hobbies: 4Wheeling, Motorcycles, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Traveling
    Hometown: Waupaca, WI