The Cool, the Awesome and the ???? And we don’t mean Welcome To Fruita.

We are back from what can only be described as a whirlwind tour of the Las Vegas Convention Center that was the MECCA for all things vehicle related, otherwise known as SEMA. This is the show where vendors display new products, designers display new vehicles from concept cars to one-of-a-kind vehicles, you walk miles upon miles of aisles of vendors in three buildings and outside and are thankful you have a camera with you because there is no way you can ever remember everything you saw.

There are three halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Off-Road Hall is upstairs in the South Hall, with the wheels and tires display below. Central Hall contained Racing and Performance, and the North Hall contained Restyling, Mobile Electronics, and Equipment.  Central Hall alone, if walked up and down every isle and across ever isle you would have walked 27 miles!  This show is huge! But we got though it between 5 of us going in different directions.

What was hot: Back in the day the “it” thing to do to a display vehicle was show off an amazing paint scheme, but this year it was replaced by matte finished wraps. Some were cool, some were just a giant sticker others were items we didn’t know what to think of.  The best of them were copper matte finish and suede finish…no we mean actual suede.  Not sure how that works in a car wash, or if we were supposed to pet it, but we did anyways.

Another hot item was the RC cars.  Both Traxxas and Axial were represented well, although the Traxxas booth felt more like an emporium of RC awesomeness given the line up for autograph sessions (John and Courtney Force, Mitchell DeJong, etc).

A product worth mentioning that we will definitely be carrying is the Fox 2.0 Adjustable Through Shaft Steering Stabilizer. This is a direct replacement for Jeep JK stabilizers and has 24 clicks of dampening adjustment to fine tune to the feel of your steering.  It is made of 6061-T6 aluminum that will not rust, and has a clear anodized finish.

A second product that is note worthy is the twisted pitman arm for TJ/LJ that GenRight Offroad showcased. For those that have a hard time turning to the driver side with larger tires while on the trail, this is a great solution to the problem. It helps correct the angle issues inherent with hi-steer set ups and big tires. You will most likely see this product on our LJ soon.

Other items and booths that we saw that didn’t look like anyone else anywhere was Nemesis Industries who released their new Canyon Lands slider step, all aluminum skid plates, and a new aluminum rear bumper to match the Odyssey front bumper. Sleek, stout, well designed, and yes they can take a beating because we have the prototype skids on Erik’s JK and he beat the snot out of them in Moab.

The Addictive Desert Designs booth was a phenomenal showcase of not only their Raptor and F-150 Venom and Stealth Fighter lines, but they also had an F-250 chase truck with a Stealth Fighter chase rack which could be utilized in the construction industry as well.

All in all it was a good show that displayed some great new innovative products and you can see them soon in store at High Country Performance 4x4.