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While attending our first Jeep Jamboree in Bethel, Maine with our then-new 1994 Jeep YJ, we quickly learned that it was far too easy to do serious damage to the engine of what had already become our favorite toy. During the event we had made several new friends and had so much fun that, despite the damage, we were definitely going to attend more offroad events. We were hooked. Before the next event it only made sense to protect the underside. Since there was virtually nothing available at the time, we started designing and making our own skid plates. It wasn’t long before our friends asked us to make a whole range of skid plates for them, too! ...and a business was born. Since 1999 Skid Row has been providing the offroad community with top quality skid plates and innovative accessories, such as our Top Props. We know that when it comes to skid plates, you want protection that works and that is dependable. We also know that part of your fun is working on your vehicle yourself. So we make sure that our products are tough, but not tough to install. Proudly made in South Central Pennsylvania, we remain dedicated to manufacturing here in the United States as we know it benefits our community. We are also committed to making quality products that let you enjoy your vehicle more whether it’s on the street or on a trail. We share your passion and always enjoy seeing our customers out having fun with our products. Happy trails!