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was founded by Greg Pilling in 2011, after repossessing the assets of Truxxx Manufacturing LLC (Truxxx Distribution LTD Canada is an unrelated entity, and not our products). Traxda is a manufacturing company that makes all of their products in Tucson Arizona. Greg Pilling was one of the founders of Truxxx in 2004, the company that created the leveling kit segment in the truck aftermarket. The Traxda line has been expanded greatly since its formation, and has the most comprehensive line of leveling kits available on the market, with many more exciting products coming soon.

Made in Arizona

Our supplier base is top-notch, they also supply Raytheon Missile factory, Davis Monthan Air Force base, University of Arizona, and Tucson's Optics Valley. 95% of our supplier spend is within 20 miles of our facility in Tucson. We have deliberately chosen to make our product in Tucson so that we can closely control the quality of our products. While many of our competitors have chosen to outsource to Taiwan, China or India, we have chosen to be more concerned with quality than a few more points of profit. As a result of our focus on quality, we are the top producer of leveling kits in the USA.

We pride ourselves on quality and on-time shipments. We have embraced just-in-time processes to make sure that our customers are satisfied and the quality remains at the highest level. We welcome you to visit our facility, and see how we do it yourself. Our people are all enthusiasts, and every full time employee has owned a modified vehicle - something our made in Asia competitors can't claim.