• Alan Dunn Alan Dunn


    303.761.7379 ext 109

    After working several years as a mechanical engineer, Al decided to take his hobby to the next level to not only build some amazing 4x4 vehicles but make a business out of it and work for himself. In 1978 he started with small builds like working on his friend's Early Bronco's just in his garage but that all changed when he moved the business to a full retail shop in 1980 and then Al moved the shop to its current location here in Englewood in 1985. He has been the sole owner of HCP4x4 since the beginning and he prides on having a clean shop and a teamwork environment!

    1st 4WD:1973 Chevy Blazer
    Current 4WD: 2006 LJ on 40" MTRs, 2014 JK Pickup Conversion on 40" MTRs, 2014 JK on 37" BFG ATs
    Favorite Trail: Rusty Nail, Pritchett Canyon, Holy Cross
    Hobbies: Off-Roading, Sport Shooting, and Auto Racing
    Home Town: Harlan, IA

  • Owen Wilson Owen Wilson

    General Manager

    303.761.7379 Ext 108

    Owen started in the 4X4 Industry back in 1999 as a Technician and transitioned into sales 3 years later. Since then Owen has worked in Wholesale with major companies extending his knowledge in the 4x4 industry as well as build his customer relations leading him to be our General Manager at High Country 4X4. Owen's number one priority here at High Country is teamwork and this leads to the most important thing ***Customer Satisfaction***! When you have a team of employees working together not only do you turn out good quality work but you have a "Happy Customer" at the end of the day!

    1st 4WD: 1972 K5
    Current Vehicle: 2014 Ram 1500
    Favorite Trail: Choke Cherry, NM
    Hobbies: Working Out, 4wheeling, Fishing, Hunting, Classic Car Restoration
    Hometown: Denver, CO

  • Erik Rudolph Erik Rudolph


    303.761.7379 Ext 100

    Erik has been 4-wheeling since he was 13. He grew up at the base of the Collegiate Peaks where he learned how to 4x4 and drive in order to help neighbors in need to provide feed for the livestock in the winter months. This says a lot about Erik's personality as when working with big builds, Erik listens to your needs and can give you his extensive knowledge about the products we carry while giving you honest answers of what is going to work best for you whether you do the work here or not we want what is best for you!

    After graduating from WYO Tech he moved to Denver and has been at High Country Performance 4x4 since 1998. Erik enjoys his weekends playing in the mountains with his wife whether it be 4wheeling in his Jeep or on his dirt bike hitting the trails as he loves the outdoors. If you don't catch Erik camping or on the trails you will probably catch him working on his on personal vehicles as he is not only a great salesman he is an excellent mechanic as well.

    1st 4WD: 1947 CJ-2A
    Current 4WD: 2012 JK 4Door
    Favorite Trail: Prichett Canyon, Carnage in Buena Vista
    Hobbies: 4wheeling, Dirt Bike Riding, Skiing, Golfing
    Hometown: Salida,CO

  • Eric Dennis Eric Dennis


    Eric is ASE Certified and graduated from Lincoln Tech, he is also a Certified Electronics installer as well as fabricator

    1st 4WD: 1978 Chevy K10
    Current Vehicle: 1997 Unimog
    Favorite Trail: Rain Maker
    Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Dirt Jumping, Gardening
    Hometown: Salida, CO

  • Brigham Meyer Brigham Meyer



    Brigham has worked for HCP4x4 for many years and is experienced not only on the mechanical side but he is good with sales as he has extensive knowledge in Jeep and GM products. Brigham is very detail orientated and his work comes out very clean and precise as he treats every vehicle as if it was his own.
    Brigham enjoys wheeling his beast of a truck it's a 1974 Full Size Blazer that sits on 40" tires in Moab, UT and trails across Colorado.

    1st 4WD: '73 Dodge Power Wagon
    Current Rig: '74 Blazer
    Hobbies: Anything with wheels and a motor
    Hometown: Bethpage, NY

  • John Wiskamp John Wiskamp


    303.761.7379 Ext 101

    John grew up around 4wheeling and heavily modified off road vehicles as his dad is heavily into 4-wheeling. That stemmed into his purchase of his 1979 Bronco that he modified here and there with a lift and bigger tires. John is extremely knowledgeable and is our top Salesman here but he has extensive knowledge in Jeep/Ford/Toyota/Dodge/Chevy and a more difficult area Axles/Gearing. John is very good at taking the time to address what type of build is going to be best for you and your needs whether it be just around the streets or in Moab he will make sure you are set up with quality products that you can use efficiently and have fun with. After high school John adventured to Wisconsin to pursue his undergrad in music, his other passion. He is extremely well versed on several instruments including guitar, keyboards and drums and plays with several local bands. He also has his own discography that can be found at Sound Cloud / John Wiskamp

    1st 4WD: '79 Full Size Bronco
    Current 4WD: 2014 Jeep JKUR /> Favorite Trail: Spring Creek
    Hobbies: Music, Snowboarding, Extreme Down Hill Mountain Biking, 4wheeling
    Hometown: Elizabeth, CO

  • George Decker George Decker

    Service Manager

    303.761.7379 Ext 105

    George is our Service Manager here at High Country and you will understand why as George is great with customers from beginning to finish! George is also all about customer satisfaction and teamwork as it is his job to make sure that installs go smoothly and we couldn't have picked a better candidate. George likes to stay ahead of jobs so he is aware of upcoming appointments to make sure that all parts are here and ready to go as we have lots of parts that come from multiple different vendors and locations and are often needing to get painted or powder coated. This will make sure that installs go smoothly and he is also very good with follow up and communication throughout the install. George brings us over 10 years of experience in Auto repair industry making him very knowledgeable not only on stock parts but he is very knowledgeable with how aftermarket parts fit as well. George is a Colorado Native and he grew up camping, snowboarding, and hiking the great trails of the Rockies.

    1st 4WD: 1970 FJ40
    Favorite Trail: Mt Baldy, Scotch Creek, Blanca Peak
    Hobbies: Snowboarding, Boating, Soccer, 4wheeling
    Hometown: Denver, CO

  • Chris Skalecke Chris Skalecke


    303.761.7379 Ext 103

    Chris is one of our top Salesman here at High Country as he attended DADC (now Licoln Tech)in 2001 and has been in the Off-Road Performance Industry ever since. Chris is knowledgeable all around but has extensive experience in Jeep/Dodge as he has customized multiple Dodge's and is currently in a 2015 Jeep Rubicon that has too many mods to list! Chris has been off-Roading since he was 16 years old and Chris still loves to 4wheel and this is what you will most likely catch him doing on nights and days off. Chris is also very important to High Country cause not only is he an excellent salesman but he took charge of the showroom here at High Country and we pride a lot in actually having a nice showroom that has lots of product to show with working displays you can touch and see product so you can choose the best product for you. Along with a nice showroom he makes sure customers are comfortable as we have a great waiting room with a flat screen, coffee, Wi-Fi if you need to work while getting parts installed, comfortable seating, and snacks.

    1st 4WD: -79 Chevy K10
    Current 4WD: 2015 Jeep Rubicon JK 2DR
    Favorite Trail: Golden Spike
    Hobbies: 4wheeling!!, Shooting Guns, BBQ's
    Hometown: Denver, CO

  • Joel Vlasin Joel Vlasin


    303.761.7379 Ext 106

    Joel has been in the Automotive Industry for 10+ years now and has extensive knowledge in Truck Accessories. He managed the accessories department at the largest wheel and tire retailer in Colorado. Joel also has experience in Fords and Toyotas as his 3rd gen 4Runner was sponsored by Toytec with a complete suspension including UCA's.

    1st 4WD: 1999 Toyota 4Runner
    Current 4WD: 2016 F150 Super Crew with Ecoboost motor
    Favorite Trail: Georgia Pass
    Hobbies: Ice Hockey (26yrs and also played for a professional Inline hockey team in the PIHA from 2005-2008), Paintball (10yrs), skiing, 4wheeling, boating, and camping
    Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Eric Bills "EB" Eric Bills "EB"

    Shop Foreman

    EB's life is 4WD at full throttle! EB has worked at HCP4x4 for 17 years now, and has been the shop foreman for the majority of his career. EB has earned his place here at High Country as he is our most experienced technician who can fabricate anything you could possibly dream of! Not only is EB extremely experienced as a technician but he is probably the nicest guy you have ever met! Why EB is so good at what he does? It's the fact that he portrays to the rest of us here at High's not only important on how the install looks but how easy is it to work on for the next technician.

    EB is a man that enjoys life behind the wheel of a jeep. You can find him and his wife out on the trail almost every weekend, whether it be in Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah or California.

    1st 4WD: Big Wheel
    Current 4WD: 1987 Jeep YJ buggy "Ronnie" and a 1972 CJ5 custom built "Sleeper Jeep"
    Favorite Trail: Anything in Montrose, Colorado
    Hobbies: Back Country Sledding (Snowmobiling), Extreme Mountain Biking, Kayaking
    Hometown: Parker

  • Rob Quinlan Rob Quinlan

    Purchasing/ Inventory Control


    Rob is our Purchasing Manager and has 10+ years in the Automotive Accessories Industry. He has worked in all areas of distribution and has logged over 1/2 million commercial driving miles delivering parts. Rob is extremely important here at HCP4X4 as he makes sure that parts are here and correct so that we are ready when you drop off your vehicle to have your parts installed. Rob also helps with keeping specific inventory stocked here that is not only **NEW** but is also quality as we have a one of the largest showrooms in Colorado!! We pride on having the best quality products to present to customers as there are lots of options as far as accessories because there is always a good, better, and best...and we only like to carry the best as that's why you come to see the professionals.

    Rob really LOVES Chicken Tacos!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st 4WD: 1947 Jeep Willys
    Current 4WD: 2006 Toyota Sequoia/ OME 3" Suspension AKA "The Cactus"
    Favorite Trail: "The one that takes me to the fishing hole"
    Hobbies: Fishing
    Hometown: Commerce City, CO

  • Scott Polk Scott Polk


    Scott has been involved in 4-wheeling since...before dirt(so he puts it)!!!! Scott is a natural born mechanic as he enjoys fixing anything mechanical and has been addicted to 4x4 vehicles from a very young age. Scott is also one our technicians that we have had here for a long time as he is very important to our crew because of his extensive knowledge and hard work. Currently we have Scott working on a custom Jeep build that started with a frame! And now he has turned it into the meanest rock crawling machine (frame extension, V8 swap, transmission swap, customer axles gearing, custom king suspension).

    1st 4WD: 1956 JEEP CJ5
    Current 4WD: 1981 JEEP CJ Buggy
    Favorite Trail: Indy, Patriot
    Hobby: Anything with a motor and wheels!
    Home Town: Sedalia, CO

  • Ryan Wambolt Ryan Wambolt


    Ryan has been with us for a couple years now and not only does he have extensive knowledge in automotive but he has extensive knowledge in power sports as well as he came from a very large Powersports Performance shop. Ryan is always looking for a challenge and loves to take on challenging projects as he is young and motivated! Ryan is such and enthusiast you will probably catch him upgrading and working on his on 4WD vehicles on his days off. Ryan is also a good team player as he is really good at supplying the shop with breakfast burritos!!! To give a little background he grew up in Littleton, CO and loves living in this beautiful state and has also been racing Motocross since the age of 15!

    1st 4WD: Toyota Tacoma
    Current 4WD: Jeep Wrangler JK
    Favorite Trail: Poison Spyder Mesa, Moab UT and Chinaman Gulch, CO
    Hobbies: Snowboarding, 4wheeling, Motorcycle Riding
    Hometown: Littleton, CO

  • Mike Steed Mike Steed

    Inventory Specialist

    303.761.7379 Ext 104

    Mike is very important here at High Country as he is charge or the parts! Mike is very persistent and meticulous about making sure parts are ordered and pulled for upcoming jobs, basically he is our check system to make sure the builds get all the parts and run as smoothly as possible! Mike has background working with inventory at the largest wheel companies in the US where he managed the warehouse. Mike is also a big part of High Country as he has the best attitude coming in everyday greeting everyone with a good morning and leaving with a good night, this is also part of our work as a team at High country and we understand that a positive attitude is what makes the difference. Mike is also very experienced in Jeeps as he owns a 2015 JKU that is heavily modified with suspension and exterior lighting and accessories.

    1st 4WD: 1989 Jeep YJ
    Current 4WD: 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU/ 2004 Ford F250
    Favorite Trail: Left Hand Canyon/ Red Cone
    Hobbies: Motocross, Boating, 4wheeling, Camping, Extreme Down Hill Mountain Biking
    Hometown: Englewood, CO

  • Eric Coburn Eric Coburn


    Eric started in the automotive industry at Swis tire when he was 16 as a tire Tech and moved on to several John Elway/Autonation dealerships for 16 years as a master technician. Eric has brought a lot to the table with having experience working in dealerships especially Jeep as we do a lot of Jeep builds here at High Country! Eric is also very good with gearing which can be difficult if you don't have good experience and we all know gearing is not cheap! Eric brings a friendly attitude and is definitely a team player as started at High Country early 2017. Eric also has multiple Jeeps and is a pretty big enthusiast!

    1st 4WD: 1946 Willys CJ2A and 1948 Willys CJ2A
    Current Vehicle: 2005 Jeep Wrangler LJ
    Favorite Trail: Spring Creek and Holy Cross
    Hobbies: 4 Wheeling, Extreme Down Hill Mountain Biking, BMX biking
    Hometown: Denver, CO