Tire Specs and Alignment Specs for Lifted Vehicles


We get a lot of questions about what size tire will fit with what lift on my 4x4.  There are a lot of factors that go into figuring out what will work for your application, some things are not just plug and play. Some of the factors that play into what size wheel and tire will fit under your vehicle after it is lifted are: what aftermarket bumpers are on your vehicle, do you have a winch (weight is a factor), what is the backspacing or offset on the wheel, how wide is the wheel, what is the circumference of the wheel?


The link below is from BDS Suspension and has general insights as to what may work on your vehicle once it is lifted.  Note that these are general sizes and may not work with your application.  This chart also contains general alignment specs for lifted applications. Simply scroll through to find your vehicle and look up what it should be aligned at after it is lifted.  It is highly recommended that every vehicle be aligned after any suspension modification is done to ensure it is tracking properly.

General Guidelines for Tire Sizes and Alignment after lifting a vehicle.
BDS Suspension
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Mike 02/14/18 05:43:24 AM

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